The reason why you should choose Laravel for your next project

One thing I find convenient in Laravel is queue handling. I bet your app needs queue: when you want to send notification, you want to do it in an asynchronous manner not to impact your response time. When you call an external web API, you want to be able to rerun the call in case of an API error (it happen more often that you think). Laravel framework has the good idea to integrate queue management in its core.

It allows you to configure a queue backend that can be as simple as a database table or a Redis server. Then you launch your queue workers, et voilà, you're ready to dispatch async jobs.

If you choose Redis, which is far from being not a full featured queue system, you can use horizon which provide a dashboard to monitor you jobs.

Because queues needs a bit of monitoring and setup: number of tries, delay between tries, timeouts, what to do with failed jobs. Handling asynchronous job is not that simple, but Laravel provides a nice way to make it work quickly.

Posted on 2023-01-27 at 22:53

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